Client Reviews

Our clients praise us for our personable service, expert knowledge and great results. Here are what just a few of them had to say:

“Pam is an outstanding attorney and highly experienced in family law. She is extremely strategic, detail oriented and presents a realistic view of the case. She ensured that I understood all aspects of the legal process and was well prepared for all hearings. Her excellent negotiation skills resulted in a positive mediation outcome and an uncontested divorce, thus avoiding a time consuming and expensive trial. I highly recommend Pam and will always go back to her for matters of family law.” – B V

“I had the good fortune to have Pam Ahluwalia represent me during several very tough times in my life and she truly did an amazing job. He attention to detail and professionalism while at the same time always with kindness and compassion gave me the confidence to continue. To have someone who truly has your back during deliberations of alimony and any family law disputes is certainly priceless.

I would highly recommend Pam for legal representation to any one of my family and friends in the Montgomery and Frederick Counties without reservations.

I feel blessed to have had her in my corner every step of the way!” – Yvonne

“Going through a divorce and child custody battle has been hard, but having a great lawyer like Mrs. Ahluwalia has made the journey endurable. She checked all of the boxes that I looked for in retaining a lawyer and I don’t regret for one moment such an important decision.

Communication: Pam explained each step so that I could always make an informed decision but more importantly she listened to me. Having someone in my corner with a vast knowledge of the law who can communicate that in court was priceless!!

Client Care: She has always gone above and beyond with her tenacity, availability, and perseverance through every twist and turn.

Choosing a lawyer is one of the most serious decisions to be made so do what I did and choose the best!”

“Pam is an experienced litigator who focuses on a client’s case with thorough analysis and careful consideration of potential outcomes. She was excellent at developing my case with detail, followed the rule of the law and carefully researched case studies to identify the best course of action. She did not over promise and yet delivered results that were above what I had expected. She is very prompt, efficient and thorough in whatever she does. Overall, she is an ethical, knowledgeable and experienced lawyer who always keeps the best interest of her client in mind. Thank you for all the hard work and dedication of your time!” – S.D.

“Pam is extremely knowledgeable, experienced and sensitive to her client’s needs. She helped me understand and navigate the complicated legal process and provided all of the information and options to help me make the right decisions for me and my family to get the best possible outcome. I highly recommend Pam.”

“I retained Nick on 27 April 2015. When I first retained Nick, I already had an attorney. I thought I was being over-charged and decided to seek counsel elsewhere. Despite being half way into the case Nick agreed to help. Since the first day I hired him he has always been extremely professional, polite and understanding. I’m active duty military and after a year of fighting my former spouse in court, I ran out of money and could no longer afford our agreed rate. Nick, without being asked, lowered our original agreement to help out someone who protects our country. Although he is kind, do not let that fool you, he is an absolute animal in court. I have had previous lawyers in the past but NONE OF THEM have come close to the absolute professionalism he displayed. Every time he opened his mouth in front of the judge he showed that he was a subject matter expert and left the opposition often speechless. I wish there was more I could do to show my gratitude. If you need an attorney for family law, Nick is your guy!” – Z.Y.

“I was on the verge of losing my home when Pam took my case. At our first meeting, I gained an immediate appreciation for her. She had a keen ear for listening and was respectful of my situation. As my case moved forward, I benefited greatly from Pam’s abilities and ethical standards before the court and others- which clearly give her an advantage in doing her job. Some of her job performance characteristics that ensured me keeping my home are as follows:

-Respectful of the court
-Thoroughly thoughtful of the case before her
-A no-nonsense, realistic, legal strategist
-Prepared and confident in her knowledge and position of the case
-Able to discern motives and tactics of the opposition
-An attentive, critical thinker
-An expert negotiator
-A calm, personable person

I am forever grateful to Pam and I highly recommend her to anyone needing expert counsel in Family Law.” – D.F.

“Attorney Minshew provided me very professional representation that I would sincerely recommend to friends and family. An important point for those seeking an attorney; I was provided a fair and accurate cost estimate from the start, which is a testimony to Attorney Minshew’s integrity and reliability to his clients. Another quality is his excellent interpersonal communication skills that enabled him to quickly understand the issues and requirements, and to effectively explain complex cases in simple and clear terms. I was highly satisfied with the services rendered by Attorney Minshew. Truly,” – W.L.M.

“It is with great pleasure that I write this recommendation for Pam Ahluwalia as an attorney. She brought clarity and order in the process of finalizing my amended divorce agreement. I had no confidence in my former attorney and sought assistance from Pam. When I first met with her, I immediately knew she would be the one who could make this process a bit easier, in that I felt more peace-of-mind and confidence in her approach, which I didn’t have before, and just knowing she would accomplish what was legally necessary in order to get this done and with my best interest and protection in mind which she did do. Pam is detail-oriented and extremely knowledgeable of current laws and procedures. During our contact, she was always very responsive to my calls and emails and allayed all of my concerns and fears. The only regret I have is that I didn’t retain her from the very beginning of my case. if I had found her sooner, I would have not only jumped to retain her but also, in the end, I feel I would have had a better outcome and I would also have felt that I had had my attorney on my side during the process. I would highly recommend her.” Y.R.

“Mr. Minshew was able to explain the entire case in laymen’s terms. Nick outlined the pro and cons of different approaches, relentlessly pursuing the facts and building the case. He was knowledgeable and helped us through each phase always holding the best interest his client of her son above all else in the case. In court he has command of the facts and thinks on his feet. He presented the case convincingly and won sole custody for my niece. He also guided us through post court requirements and processes such as visitation rights, restraining order, and other referrals for assistance. Without Mr. Minshew our situation was most likely to be a loss cause. He turned the whole case around and reunited my niece with her son. We will be forever grateful to Mr. Minshew and his personal and professional efforts on our behalf.” – M.F.

“I had the good fortune to have Pam Ahluwalia represent me in one of the toughest times of my life, and she truly did an amazing job. Her attention to detail, excellent work ethic and ease at taking on each challenge makes her in my opinion one of the best and a master at her trade. To have someone who truly has your back during divorce proceedings is priceless. I watched Pam go against the defendant’s attorney, who by the way was not even half as prepared and who didn’t appear to have the stamina for the task at hand. I realized that being an attorney is not all glitz and glamour, and a lot can be lost if the attorney cannot pay attention to all the mundane tasks that are inevitable. Anyone who gets on Pam’s schedule will be in good hands.” – P.K.

“Mr. Minshew from start to finish gave me straight answers without wasting our time. He explained the “Rules of the Road” with clear advice in my time of need. He gave me confidence when I had none. I would highly recommend having Mr. Minshew on your side and believe Mr. Minshew knows his clients, knows the law and provided his services at a reasonable price. Thank you.” D.P.

“Pam Ahluwalia is a class-act. It is evident that she takes pride in her work. I was was treated with the upmost respect, treated beyond fairly, and after working with her for over year, I felt that Pam was a member of my family due to the personal interest she took in me and my case. My case resulted in many hearings and a few remediations. Pam made sure that I was prepared for each one and that I understood the legal process. She reviewed transcripts after each hearing to better prepare for the next round. I appreciate her ability to organize and to think ahead! I am truly lucky that Pam took on my case and gave it the level of detail needed to protect me and my family. She works non-stop and is very easy to get a hold of her, but most importantly she is quite pleasant to work with making a difficult legal battle – dare I say – enjoyable I would recommend Pam for legal representation to anyone one of my friends and family in the Montgomery and Frederick county areas who find themselves in an unfortunate family law situation, as I am sure Pam will provide the same level of stellar service I was given.” K.L.

“Nick handled my uncontested divorce. He did so by introducing a calmness and accuracy into the process. I was not only well informed, but I was protected by becoming educated in a subject I had no personal knowledge of previously. Nick takes the time to craft the right response and is not given over to the emotions of the moment. My divorce was amicably resolved in short order. Obviously, he was the right attorney for me and for this reason we maintain our relationship.” M.L.

“I was glad to have Pam Ahluwalia represent me in my case. She is extremely professional, kind and helped me stay focused. Pam made sure I did not shy away from what needed to be addressed and was extremely meticulous while representing me. She kept me informed throughout the process and was always prompt and timely in her response whether it was an email or a phone call. Pam is very personable and I felt at ease despite a very tumultous time battling child support issues with my Ex. I will not hesitate at all to recommend Pam Ahluwalia if you are looking to be represented for any Family Law issues. She is excellent” R.R.

“I strongly recommend Nicholas Minshew as a family lawyer. He is smart, thorough, honest, and most of all he cares. I came to Mr. Minshew after working with several other family lawyers and with what I knew was a tough custody battle. My son needed significant mental health and substance abuse treatment. Treatment my ex-wife spent years trying to block. I felt from the very first time I met with Mr. Minshew, he was able to grasp the complexity of the case and would do his best to fight for my son to get the treatment he needed. In the course of approximately six months, Mr. Minshew dug into medical reports, school records, academic testing, and detailed information to put together what was a winning case. Like in many cases, we had to deal with the unexpected. Just one month before the scheduled trial date, Mr. Minshew put together an emergency motion that enabled me to put my son into the therapeutic boarding schools his counselor and doctors recommended. I believe this saved my son’s life. During the full trial, Mr. Minshew’s preparation and attention to detail paid off. My son was able to continue to receive the help he needs, and I could rest assured I would have full physical and decision making custody to help ensure he remains on the right path. A lawyer could not have handled this case if I was just another client. I never felt that way with Mr. Minshew. I was never just another client. I felt we were joined together in the cause to help my son. It was his personal concern that made all the difference to me, and ultimately for my son’s life. Yes, Nicholas Minshew is a smart and effective lawyer. But more importantly, he is a family lawyer who cares about what is right for the child.” – P.D.

“I retained Pam Ahluwalia in November 2013 to handle my divorce. It has been a difficult case for various reasons. Pam has done an excellent job in advocating for me as well as protecting all my interests. She is extremely articulate and knows how to command attention from people. She is aggressive when she needs to be, as well as diplomatic when she needs to be. She reads people well. She is readily available and is prompt in answering questions or investigating concerns. Her diligence has been an asset to me. I have recommended her to a friend and she was impressed by her. I would recommend her without hesitation. She is a true professional” – P.C.

“I cannot speak highly enough of Nicholas Minshew and the work that he has done for me. He is a great human being who works with both kindness and integrity. Nick approached every detail in my case in a timely manner and with extreme care. He was consistently ethical while demonstrating exceptional knowledge and professionalism. I would highly recommend Nicholas Minshew to any of my friends and family.” – C.L.

“I engaged Pam K. Ahluwalia as my legal representative in what was, at that time, a fairly contentious divorce proceeding. Pam’s experience and thorough knowledge of the law and related proceedings provided to me a sense of confidence and assurance in a turbulent and uncertain time. Her presence during the court hearing had a calming effect on me, and her guidance, both verbal and non-verbal, allowed for the successful conclusion of a trying chapter in my life. And I always appreciated greatly her responsiveness to any questions or concerns I had. I can recommend Pam, without hesitation or reservation, as a highly competent professional and caring individual who can provide outstanding legal guidance and wise counsel as needed.” W.C.S.

“I had never had the need for an attorney until I was involved in a divorce. I worked at a very large law firm in Washington that dealt with international and corporate law but not family or divorce cases so I asked many of the attorneys at my office to recommend an attorney to me and that is how I was made aware of Nicholas Minshew. He was very helpful with putting me at ease with what was a very trying time for me. He was either very available when I called or returned my calls promptly. I always knew where I stood during the entire process. I would gladly recommend Nicholas to anyone in the same situation that I was in.” – T.H.

“Pam is excellent and very efficient in her work. I had a case that was resolved with her assistance. She is very good at communicating and has the respect of her peers. I would highly recommend her and use her and use her services again if necessary!” A.A.

“Nick Minshew listened carefully as my attorney to meet my every legal need. I was impressed with how Nick understood the pitfalls of my case and worked to provide the best outcome each and every time. I have gone to five (5) different law firms in the area and the Minshew & Ahluwalia Law Firm is probably one of the best in the Washington metropolitan area.” – H.C.P.

“I am grateful that I have hired Pam to represent me. She listened and understood my concerns. She provided recommendations that I was comfortable with proceeding. If you are looking for an attorney to hire you will not have any regrets with Pam’s work ethic. She’s responsive, knowledgeable, trustworthy, organized and always a step ahead. I appreciate Pam and am extremely pleased to have her by my side.” – S.H.

“My family law case wasn’t that complicated, but Mr. Minshew treated as if it were. He is very well versed in the applicable laws of the state, fully understood my needs and objectives and was compassionate and sympathetic when it came to my child. He returns emails and phone calls in a timely manner and explained and helped navigate the judicial system for me. Mr. Minshew’s fees were fair and appropriate for the services he provides his clients. What I valued most about working with Mr.. Minshew was his compassionate ear, his detailed knowledge of the laws and his ability to listen.” – M.P.K.

“Pam handled my divorce for me and did an excellent job. She was on top of every aspect of my case by keeping me informed and providing great advice every step of the way. She always made herself available and I felt comfortable with her as my attorney. I would highly recommend her to anyone.” – K.M.

“I retained Mr. Minshew for my divorce recently and I was very pleased with the services I received. He is a true professional, who listened to my issues and gave me the feeling that he cared about my case. I knew that if I had a question, I could call or email and he would respond promptly. He never made me feel like I was a bother or just a client. He explained the process to me in clear terms. That really meant a lot to me. I was very happy with the outcome and would highly recommend him to family or friends.” – J.R.

“I was very lucky to have Pam as my lawyer. I retained Pam Ahluwalia in October 2012 to handle my divorce. Pam is quite knowledgeable, readily available, prompt in answering questions, trustworthy & very organized. I highly recommend Pam without any reservations to someone in need of legal help.” – P.P.

“Dear Nick, I wanted to thank you for a job well done. You helped me to get what I am entitled to have in way of child support and alimony. I will be forever grateful. You helped me find justice and in the process, you were a nice, kind person to see me through this challenging process. Thanks again!” – K.A.

“Pam was my attorney for a child custody/child support case in which I was faced with the possibility of my daughter moving with my ex-husband out-of-state. It was an emotionally trying time for me as my daughter means everything in the world to me. Pam was there offering her legal expertise and empathy every step of the way. She is quite knowledgeable in family law and informed me of all possible outcomes of the different paths I could follow. She worked diligently towards an outcome that was exactly what I hoped for, one that ensured I wouldn’t lose my daughter. Pam truly cared about my case and I felt that I had more than an attorney every step of the way; I felt like I had a confidant as well. I would recommend her without any reservations to someone in need of legal help.” – J.L.

“During a very difficult time, Mr. Minshew offered sound legal advice, kept me informed of my options and provided a compassionate ear.” J.H.

“Pam did an excellent job of representing my interests in a divorce. She was flexible, proactive and kept me on task during a difficult time. I would highly recommend Pam for family matters.” – C.H.

“I hired Nick to do my child support custody and divorce. He was great and patient with my ex spouse who was living in another state and not understanding of Maryland child support laws. I was so impressed by his firm that when I needed to get my living will in order, he referred me to another partner in his firm who specialized in wills and he too, took great care of my situation. Everyone is so patient and understanding of what is best for their client. Thank you!” – K.A.

“I was very lucky to have stumbled onto Pam when looking for a new attorney. My previous lawyer left me believing that my ex-wife would get whatever she wanted, and fast tracked all my decisions based on the statement “if you can afford to pay it, you’ll save court costs by agreeing to it now”. Pam took the time to go over my agreement (which I am stuck in until July 2013) and pointed out all of the areas where I absolutely should not have just rolled over and accepted. As a result of my former lawyers incompetence, I have been stuck with paying a mortgage, a car payment, and child support (even while unemployed), to the tune of $3000 a month. Then I had my own rent car payments, etc to contend with. When I found Pam, I was at the end of my rope, $70,000 in debt to credit cards and family members who loaned me money. Pam took the time to go over the law with me and has developed a plan to move forward over the next year on issues of child custody, child support, and holding my ex accountable for her current unemployment status (as she is marketable but continues to blame everyone else for not being able to work). I used to feel like Montgomery county was completely biased against men. Pam has brought a feeling of security and fairness to this whole issue helping me feel more confident in the system as a whole and trusting that fathers that do the right thing for their children do have a chance of coming out with a fair and equitable result. I highly recommend Paramjit (Pam) Ahluwalia.” J.K.

“Nick, kudos to you on today’s performance! What a hail mary pass! Thank you for your continued effort in doing what is best for [my daughter].” – B.M.

“Less than a week before the hearing my divorce attorney advised me that due to potential conflicts her firm would not allow her to represent me at the mediation and my personal attorney was going to be in trial on 15 November. You were recommended to me by my divorce attorney. And on very short notice you agreed to represent me at the mediation hearing. With only days and the weekend to prepare you got up to speed made yourself available by phone and email over the weekend and did a super job representing me at the mediation. And your fee was very fair and though you put more time on my case than anticipated you did not ask for more than what we had agreed upon. I was very satisfied with your representation of me in this matter and would recommend you highly to anyone.” – M.H.

“Thank you for your kindness and caring way, you represented my daughter in her very difficult time! You are a credit to your profession!!” – L.W.

“Dear Mr. Minshew, we really appreciate your help and unselfish continuous support. Thank you once again for all the things you did to final our adoption process.” – N.&N.S