Child Custody and Visitation

Rockville, Maryland Child Custody and Visitation Lawyers

The attorneys at Minshew & Ahluwalia provide legal services to individuals facing issues involving child custody and visitation during the divorce process or after a court order has already been issued. If you are considering filing for divorce, are already in the divorce process, or if you have an existing order regarding child custody, a family law attorney can address these issues as well as other related issues such as child support, alimony and spousal support.

There are two elements of child custody – legal custody and physical custody. Legal custody means the right to make decisions regarding a child’s health, religion, education, and general welfare. Both spouses may share legal custody, or one may be awarded sole custody. Physical custody means the right to have a child live with a parent. Likewise, physical custody may be awarded to both spouses, or to one spouse with the other having visitation rights.

When determining the issue of custody, courts will consider the “best interest of the child,” and examine several factors such as the fitness of each parent, financial resources of each parent, the ability of the parents to communicate, location and household arrangements, prior acts of the spouses, who has been the primary caretaker, the child’s preference, etc.

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