Uncontested Divorce

Rockville, Maryland Uncontested Divorce Lawyers

Minshew & Ahluwalia handles many uncontested divorce cases in Maryland.  An uncontested divorce is available when both spouses have reached a final agreement on issues such as marital property division, alimony, custody and visitation, and child support.  In some cases, spouses have reached a full agreement between themselves, and in other cases negotiations between each party or their attorneys is needed in which case an attorney can be helpful in providing creative solutions and ideas.

The attorneys at Minshew & Ahluwalia LLP can assist you in memorializing your agreed upon terms into a written Marital Settlement Agreement, drafting the uncontested pleadings (Complaint or Answer) to initiate the court proceeding, preparing you for the hearing, and attending the uncontested hearing.  It is important to understand that an attorney can only represent one party, not both parties.

For most cases, an uncontested divorce is the most cost-effective and least time-consuming way for spouses to obtain a divorce.  The parties can save money on attorneys’ fees, court costs and litigation expenses, and the case could  be resolved within a few months compared to contested cases that can last over a year. Although a case may start out as contested because there are disputed issues, it may end up as uncontested if the parties reach settlement on all issues before trial.

The attorney’s at Minshew & Ahluwalia have decades of experience negotiating and drafting Marital Settlement Agreements and representing clients in uncontested divorce proceedings.  Contact our attorneys at (240) 386-8705 to discuss whether an uncontested divorce is appropriate for your case.

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